Creating and deploying a strategy on Huobi using Market Dynamics.

Creating and deploying a strategy on Huobi using Market Dynamics.

This is short guide to help you get started with Market Dynamics and help you participate in the Huobi Trading Challenge.

Step 1 - Create a strategy

To create a strategy which is compatible with Huobi you need to select an Appropriate Symbol.

  1. Go to the Create page and click on the checkbox "Display all Huobi  Trading Challenge symbols"

2. Type in your preferred symbol name. Make sure to check the symbol type as well. For example - If you want to trade USDT-M futures (DOT-USDT) then select DOT-USDT from the suggestions.

3. Select an appropriate timeframe and finally give your strategy a name.

4. Create a simple SMA crossover strategy as shown below. You are free to play around with target and stop loss percentages.

Step 2 - Backtesting and deploying your strategy

Backtesting allows you to view your strategy's performance on historical data. It is recommended to backtest your strategy before deploying it live.

  1. Click on this button to backtest your strategy. If the strategy is logically correct then you will see the backtest report within seconds.
  2. Great! Your strategy is ready to be deployed now. Click on the "Deploy Live" button

3. For the purpose of this tutorial we are going to skip adding any Strategy add-ons. Simply click on "Next".

4. Finally, you'll see the deploy page. Enter the quantity that you want to trade. By default the leverage is 5 (for futures) so please configure accordingly. If you are trading spot then please ensure that base currency amount is greater than the quantity you mention.

5. Select Huobi and enter your API credentials. You can find your API credentials from here.

6. Lastly, select the trade mode of your choice. Remember that not all symbols are compatible with a trade mode. If you are trading a USDT-M symbol, selecting SPOT as trade mode will not work. Please choose the trade mode accordingly.