November 2021 update -

November 2021 update -
Photo by Markus Winkler / Unsplash

Another productive month coming to an end, and we couldn't be happier to announce the work we've put in to improve upon some existing features and include new functionalities as well.

Builder updates

Render Strategy on Chart

Our primary target for this month was to make strategy creation more intuitive. As per the feedback we received from some Byteminers, we cannot be more excited to introduce you to a strategy rendering mechanism where you can view how your strategy looks like on the live chart!

How does it work?

Imagine you have a '40 SMA is higher than 20 EMA' strategy like below.

Upon clicking on 'Open Chart View', our engine will render the same strategy over a chart so that it becomes easier for you to visualize how your strategy looks like on the chart.

4 new Brokers Added

You asked we delivered!
We're live with the 4 most commonly used Crypto brokers for you to easily deploy your strategies whenever you're ready with them.

New Series - Bytemine under a minute

We're working on creating a series of 1-minute videos for you to figure out what the platform is about, what are the features, and how you can leverage the features available in order to create your winning strategy.

Here's a short example -

Strategy trainer

We endeavour to make the algo-trading experience as straight forward and seamless as possible. This month we've released an extended feature in our engine that will automatically recommend when and where you should connect a block or which trading parameters you should edit in order to maximise profit.

As you create strategies, our engine will automatically check/display the following;

  • Is the logic of your overall strategy valid?
  • How well have other users strategies performed using the same blocks and parameters?
  • Are there any changes which could be made to improve the overall performance results?

We are just making the final edits to this new feature now so this will be live very soon.

Branding updates

We have updated the Bytemine logo and launched a completely new website ready for the B2C launch in January. The new branding marks the next chapter in our journey and the execution of our GTM strategy.

That's it for this month! We have lots of exciting news and features upcoming in the next month. So be sure to keep an eye out on our next newsletter. Until then, click below to get started with Bytemine now!